Dixie Grim is a now-sixteen-year-old adolescent whose parents are divorced. She was in love with Ray in the first movie, but now, is in love with Gonner. She's found herself confused because the living and the dead, which gives her quite drowsiness. Being caught between the living and the undead often makes Dixie sleepy, and causes her body great confusion after the Azoth turned her back into a human (or mortal, to say). She is now "half mortal, half zombie" as she says in the movie when the angry mob wants to confront the skeleton zombies and destroy them. Dixie thanked Gonner at the end of near-end of the movie. She now misses Isis after she was killed by the water in of the pond in 'Mummy, I'm a Zombie' when Isis fell in and drowned, leaving her bandages scattered, and also her hair-accessorized headband.


Dixie likes to wear clothes in the gothic style. She usually wears a short black and pink short-sleeved shirt, black mini skirt with skull on belt. She very skinny and quite tall with short dark hairs, with piercing on the ears and black nails on the hands. She seems to always expose her tummy for some reason, so she can show her navel.

Notes Edit

  • Dixie must be sixteen, because this movie is a movie from year 2014, and Daddy, I'm a Zombie was a movie from year 2011. It is never brought up now old Dixie is or was in the first movie, but written on her coffin-tomb stone that she was born in 1998 and died in 2011. Also, the cover of the DVD marks: "13 going on internity", making it official that she is thirteen.
  • It is unknown what year this movie takes place in.
  • Her trivia notes on the website notes that about her is: "A confused young adolescent with raging hormones. Dixie tries to conceal her engaging looks by dressing as a Goth. She is trapped between two worlds, the former happiness of her childhood and the insecurity of growing up without a role model to guide her."